4 programs to help you regain mental and physical harmony
Deep, lasting well-being thanks to the synergy between cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and bodywork (shiatsu massage, yoga, meditation, breathing techniques for in-depth work).
Shiatsu is a Japanese massage therapy technique that uses touch to rebalance the body and promote health.
With its roots in traditional Chinese medicine, shiatsu aims to re-establish energy harmony in areas of the body where it is either lacking or in excess.
Yoga outdoors (beach or park)
in Antibes
The practice of gentle movements and stretching in synchrony with the breath strengthens the body, reduces pain, promotes mental and emotional relaxation, while improving flexibility, posture, balance, confiance and self-esteem.
Emonya Privilege Program
Cabinet Emonya’s PRIVILÈGE program specially designed for people like you, in search of lasting, harmonious well-being.
Expand your wellness routine with an exclusive program combining mind-body techniques, shiatsu, yoga, meditation and much more for just €97/month (no commitment)!
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