Discover the body-psychotherapy approach: deep, lasting well-being thanks to the unique combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and bodywork!

Body-psychotherapy combines behavioral and cognitive therapy with bodywork. In fact, intellectual work on wounds, limiting beliefs, fears, phobias… is already a big step towards a better life, but combining it with work on the body means that this work can be sustained over time, as the body retains the memory of our traumas.

My work is based on over ten years of experimentation and practice, combining my expertise as a CBT therapist, Shiatsu massage practitioner and yoga master.

Who is body-psychotherapy for?

This mind-body coaching is for you if you wish to heal your wounds, overcome your limiting beliefs, overcome your fears and phobias, and anchor these transformations in your body and mind.

7 reasons to choose body-psychotherapy :

1. Free yourself from emotional and psychological suffering with the combined power of cognitive behavioral therapy and bodywork.

2. Discover proven tools and practices for in-depth work: shiatsu, yoga, meditations, breathing techniques (non-exhaustive list).

3. Eliminate the blockages and tensions that prevent you from reaching your full potential, by working on the body memories of your traumas.

4. Strengthen your self-esteem, by freeing yourself from limiting beliefs and developing new skills for managing your emotions.

5. Build a new relationship with your body, learning to listen to it and offer it what it needs to regenerate and recharge.

6. Transform your life profoundly, anchoring your new discoveries and skills in your everyday life, for lasting, harmonious well-being.

7. Benefit from the expertise of a
who will adapt the tools and techniques to your specific situation, providing you with comprehensive, tailor-made support.

A few testimonials
Like Sylvain and Marjorie, seize this opportunity to discover tailor-made support that will enable you to overcome your obstacles and live a fulfilling, harmonious life!
If you have any questions about how the session works, please consult the FAQ or contact me directly on + 33 (0) 6 07 34 69 98 or
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