Treat yourself to a wellness break in and around Antibes: discover the benefits of Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a Japanese massage therapy technique that uses touch to rebalance the body and promote health.

With its roots in traditional Chinese medicine, shiatsu aims to re-establish energy harmony in areas of the body where it is either lacking or in excess.

The Shiatsu technique involves applying variable pressure with the thumbs and fingers, but also with the palms, fists, elbows, knees and even feet, on precise points located along the meridians and governing a specific organ or function.

Depending on needs, the therapist will use other techniques (kneading, joint rotation, stretching or vibration) to eliminate blockages, stimulate weakened areas of the body and activate the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms.

Shiatsu, your new wellness ally

Shiatsu is renowned for its immediate well-being effect and for the relief it brings to various disorders:

  • Rheumatological: osteoarthritis, arthritis, lumbago, neck pain, torticollis, tendonitis
  • Gynaecological: morning sickness during pregnancy, post-partum care, premenstrual syndrome, pre-menopausal symptoms;
  • Psychological: nervous breakdown, anxiety, anguish, drug addiction, sexual disorders, sleep disorders, post-traumatic stress ;
  • Respiratory: asthma, sinusitis, respiratory allergies;
  • Digestive: colitis, constipation, vomiting, gastric ulcer, gastroesophageal reflux disease, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome.
How does a Shiatsu session work?

The session lasts 60 minutes at my office or at your home in Antibes, Biot, Valbonne, Mougins, Mouans-Sartoux or Roquefort les Pins.

During the first and subsequent sessions, I carry out a health check-up using touch, listening, smell, pulse and tongue examination, and together we align ourselves with the work of the day’s session.

Then lie down on a floor mat. Shiatsu is practiced on clothing that is preferably soft and comfortable.

Through a Shiatsu session, you can benefit from :

🌿 A moment of deep relaxation: let yourself go for a session to free yourself from the stress and tension accumulated over the last few weeks.

💆‍ Pain relief: Shiatsu is renowned for its effectiveness in relieving back pain, migraines and many other ailments.

⚖ Energy rebalancing: Thanks to pressure techniques on specific points, regain overall harmony of body and mind.

🌱 A boost to your immune system: Shiatsu stimulates your body’s natural defenses, enabling you to better resist infections.

😴 An improvement in the quality of your sleep: By promoting relaxation and releasing tension, Shiatsu helps you get back to restful sleep.

🧘‍ Greater body awareness: Learn to listen to your body’s needs and better understand how it works.

🌸 For overall, lasting well-being: Integrate Shiatsu into your wellness routine and benefit from its positive effects on your health and quality of life.

A few testimonials

Like Julien and Maeva, don’t wait any longer and treat yourself to the well-being you deserve!
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