Experience outdoor yoga:
Recharge your batteries and unleash your potential with this ancient practice
Whether you’re a beginner or a confirmed enthusiast, these sessions are for everyone who wants to combine relaxation, well-being and a connection with nature.
Discover outdoor yoga in Antibes :
a haven of peace between beach and park

By taking part in an outdoor yoga session in Antibes, you will profiter a :

  1. An exceptional setting: practice yoga on Antibes’ most beautiful beaches or in its verdant parks, for a complete change of scenery.
  2. Teaching adapted to all levels: Whether you’re a beginner or a confirmé, I’ll adapt to your needs and support you in your practice.
  3. Benefits for body and mind: Yoga will help you strengthen your body, improve your flexibility and refocus on yourself.
  4. A source of energy and vitality: By practicing yoga outdoors, you profiter the benefits of fresh air and natural light to recharge and revitalize.
  5. Harmonizing body and mind: The guided meditation provided at the finish of the session will off you a special moment to restore the balance between your body and mind.
How does an outdoor yoga session work?

Subject to satisfactory weather conditions, sessions will take place on Saturday mornings from 10.30am to 11.45am.

The preferred beaches are : Plage du Ponteil or Plage du Pont Dulys 2.

The preferred parks are : Parc des Bouillides or Parc de Vaugrenier.

A few testimonials
Follow in Karine and Anne’s footsteps and book your outdoor yoga session in Antibes now!
If you have any questions about how the session works, please consult the FAQ or contact me directly on + 33 (0) 6 07 34 69 98 or romana.briffa@emonya.fr.
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